1,000 fewer clicks

Reduce clicks and errors by automatically exchanging names and info in real-time.

2 hours saved a day

Practices are able to open 90% fewer tabs by operating everything on the same screen.

The situation

Impact Family Wellness is a clinic in Austin, TX with three providers and an office administrator.

Is this how you use
Elation / Spruce / Hint?

Back and forth, so much clicking, typing, wasted time, and potential for error.

Do it the better way and never go back

Automatically exchange names and info between Elation, Spruce, and Hint in real-time and do it all on the same screen.

Trusted By

"The Quickr team is young enough to take risks, and they’re willing to make waves if it means fighting for patient empowerment."

"I don't know why anyone that uses Elation and Spruce wouldn't absolutely jump on this! It's truly amazing!!!"

"We’re proud to back Quickr as they work to upend broken legacy systems that don’t serve physicians or patients."