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Saving Care Providers 30% Of Their Time


Saving Direct Primary Care Providers 30% Of Their Time

All In One Place

Combine the functionality of your outdated, clunky software and streamline your workflow.


An easier process to schedule appointments when you know can quickly reference the patient’s history and previous communications.


All of the functionality of a traditional EHR with none of the frustration.


Message with patients, send internal notes, send notes to your teammates or bring teammates into the conversation.


Send referrals, prescriptions, and faxes, and receive information from outside of your clinic.

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Your New Health Hub


Your New Health Hub


See who you should see and what your health records can do. your companion / guide. Like everything you could ever need is here

Health Overview

Track the actions that you've taken to maintain and improve your health.

Schedule Appointments

All of your appointments, in one place.

Fill Out Forms Before Your Visit

Let your doctor know what your appointment is for and fill out all the forms before arriving.

Your Health Visualized

All of your health records, all in one place. An avatar is worth a thousand clinical words. Have your health journey visualized to help you understand what it all means.

Chat With Your Docs

A single place to communicate with all of your health care providers.

Connect With Your Health

An easy way to get all of the answers you need from the people who care for you.

A More Proactive Experience

Your records. Your important communications. Your health care. All in one place.


Ian Cash


Ian is a co-founder and CEO of Quickr. His childhood paralysis experience motivated him to solve interoperability issues in health care. He has a strong background in technology and leadership. On the rare occasions he isn’t working, he can be found mountain biking or road cycling, bowfishing, or waiting in line for the best BBQ in the nation!

Adam Bragg


Adam is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Quickr, responsible for the strategic direction, vision, creative design, and storytelling of Quickr’s brand and products. A graduate of Princeton University with a degree in History, Adam is particularly interested in how scattered data points can be translated into useful and engaging insights that improve real-world human experiences.

Juan Solares


Juan is a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Quickr, where he handles automating operations, overseeing financials, investor outreach and customer interviews. Juan majored in philosophy at the University of Dallas. He is a lover of nature, philosophy, his wife Mariel and two daughters.

Alex Hansen


Alex is a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Quickr. He’s built systems for companies that have scaled from pre-seed to series B. Alex is also a member of the first wave of Rust language programmers, and is an active member of the modern software technology community. Alex has a passion for music, having paid his way through college by playing in a symphony orchestra, and still actively records music.

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